Video Marketing

Video marketing can bestow a multitude of benefits on a business. With online video predicted to account for 74% of all web traffic in 2017 (Bernazzani, 2017) it makes business sense to get in on the action.

Hainla (2017) discusses some of the powerful reasons behind why businesses today should use video marketing. She explains that video marketing can increase conversions and sales, stating that, ‘74% of users who watched an explainer video about a product subsequently bought it’. Hainla further states that video marketing builds trust with ‘57% of consumers [saying] that videos gave them more confidence to purchase online’.

Video marketing also has the ability to increase your search engine visibility. Moovly (2016) states that with a video embedded on your website, ‘you are 53x more likely show up on page 1 of Google’.

So what do these benefits all have in common? They increase the ability to make sales. A trusting customer is more likely to buy from you, as is a customer that is easily able to find your website on a search engine. Combined with the staggering statistic that YouTube has ‘a billion monthly active users’ (Social Media Marketo, 2016) the level of potential reach is phenomenal.

Flash + Dazzle have created a video marketing campaign entitled ‘What’s your style?’. The concept revolves around asking the question, ‘What’s your style?’, with the resulting message being that whatever your style, Flash + Dazzle can fulfil your jewellery requirements.

The ad has purposefully been left with minimal text in order to bring more impact to the final message. A hashtag has been used so that customers can engage with the video and overall marketing campaign by posting images of their Flash + Dazzle jewellery with the hashtag.

The conscious decision was made to create an ad campaign rather than an explainer video in order to drive customers to the website. When showcasing only a limited range of the products on offer, the risk can be run that customers don’t like what they see, or simply aren’t intrigued enough to visit the website. By using a campaign ad with the message that Flash + Dazzle offer something for everyone, traffic is more likely to be driven to the site.

The storyboard creation can be seen below and the video can be viewed on the  Flash + Dazzle Youtube Channel .

storyboard 1

storyboard 2.JPG

storyboard 3






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