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‘Despite its age and the emergence of allegedly more sophisticated marketing techniques, email marketing remains the most cost effective – in terms of return on investment (ROI) – of any marketing technique (both on and offline)’ (Hayes, 2013, p.15).

Hayes assertions are supported by many up to date sources such as Econsultancy’s 2016 email marketing census. 73% of respondents rated email marketing as excellent or good in relation to return on investment (Davis, 2016). This was the highest rating of all channels surveyed.

econsultancy channel stats 2.JPG.png  Source, (Davis, 2016)

Hesilrige (2017) further states that in 2011, ‘the Direct Marketing Association estimated that email marketing typically returns £40 for every £1 invested’. It’s not hard to see why email marketing shows no signs of losing popularity. Given the little to no cost aspect and colossal potential reach; email marketing is an attractive proposition and Flash + Dazzle therefore intend to implement their own email marketing campaign. (2009) suggests that there are 5 key email marketing elements to consider in order to get the best results from an email marketing campaign. These are: content, personalisation, timing, subject lines and device optimisation.

email-marketing-strategies-for-business-growth 2 .jpg.pngSource, (, 2009)


Successful email marketing strategies are typically image based and in general, there should always be more visuals than text (, 2009). Users want to be able to understand the point quickly. Too much text will leave customers feeling bored and likely to delete the email before the key message has been put across. Bold visuals, and emphasised short, sharp messages are key in order to catch the readers attention (FreshMail, 2017). Flash + Dazzle will therefore keep their email marketing concise, visual and engaging to maximise impact.


MailChimp (2017) states, ‘It’s common knowledge that segmenting your email-marketing lists helps you get better open and click rates. By narrowing your focus and sending messages to targeted groups within your lists, your recipients will find your campaigns more relevant—and relevant campaigns get better results’. Wilt (2016) also states that ‘marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns’.

Whilst the benefits of personalisation are clear, Flash + Dazzle intend to implement an unpersonalised email marketing campaign intially due to the lack of subscribers and subsequent lack of segments. Once enough subscribers have been obtained, they will diversify and set up segmented email marketing campaigns once specific segments have been identified. Flash + Dazzle intend to increase subscribers through a ‘refer a friend’ email marketing campaign allowing new email addresses to be captured.


Selecting the correct time to email your audience is crucial. Catching the customer at the right time can have a positive impact on the success of a campaign. Experian Marketing Services (2012) conducted research into the most effective time of day to send email marketing. They found the optimum time to be between 8pm and 11.59pm. This time period provided the highest percentage of unique opens as well as the highest percentage click through rate.

Flash + Dazzle intend to email out to their customers during this time period. As they are targeting females between the ages of 21 and 36 with a high level of disposable income, these individuals are likely to be employed full time. Therefore this time period will typically fit in with end of the working day, once the customer has returned home and has settled in for the evening and is likely to check their email.  

Subject Lines

Wilt (2016) states that emails with personalised subject lines are, ‘26% more likely to be opened’. The subject line provides a first impression and therefore must engage the recipient immediately in order to entice them to open the email. It must then deliver what it promises. ‘Clickbait’ subject lines may increase open rates, but will do nothing for click through’s.

Device Optimisation

Williams (2016) states that 71.2% of recipients will delete an email if it’s not mobile optimised. With smartphone ownership numbers at an all time high, this statistic is hardly surprising. Flash + Dazzle will therefore ensure that their email marketing campaigns are optimised across mobile, tablet and pc platforms to ensure maximum engagement.

Flash + Dazzle’s Strategy

Flash + Dazzle intend to implement an email marketing campaign that is focused on promotional discounts. They will run two campaigns; ‘First Look Exclusive’ which will run monthly and ‘Refer a Friend’ which will run every four months.

‘First Look Exclusive’ will provide a discount on one newly launched product, with the aim to improve brand loyalty. An example of the campaign material can be seen below.

newsletter 1


newsletter 3.PNG

The second campaign, ‘Refer a Friend’ will offer site wide discount for the subscriber and their friend when a subscriber refers a friend by supplying their email address to Flash + Dazzle. This campaign is aimed at growing the subscriber list and subsequently the size of Flash + Dazzle’s customer base.

The ‘First Look Exclusive’ discount has been restricted to one specific product and the site wide discount restricted to only three times a years as Watkins (2014) states that ‘discounts used too often begin a downward pricing spiral that may eventually damage your ability to sell the product at full price’. 

Flash + Dazzle’s email marketing campaign schedule can be seen below. 

Campaign Schedule.JPG

The text in the email marketing campaign where appropriate will be linked to seasonal themes. For example, October ‘Refer a Friend’ will be linked to obtaining discount for Christmas gifts. November and December ‘First Look Exclusive’ will also be linked to the Christmas season in relation to suggested jewellery for partywear.

The plugin Mailpoet  has been added to the Flash + Dazzle site to allows users to subscribe to email marketing by simply filling in their name and email address. The link to subscribe has been inserted as a page into the footer menu of every site page to allow the clean and seamless look of the website to be retained.

footer image.png

footer image2.png

MailPoet was selected over other available plugins as Flash + Dazzle’s mail subscriber plugin due to it’s simple and easy to use format. Whilst the example marketing material has been created with Mailchimp, the material created can be used with Mailpoet.

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