Does Colour Choice Matter?

Before deciding which colours to use on my site, there are two key points that thought must be given to.

Firstly, the psychological effect that colour has on consumers. Colour choice can impact a consumer’s perception of the product offered and subsequently whether they choose to enter or leave the website. Singh (2006, p.783) stated that, ‘People make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with either people or products. About 62‐90 percent of the assessment is based on colors alone’.

I have chosen to use a monochromatic scheme using the colours black and white exclusively on my website as these are the colours typically seen on high end luxury websites. Smith (2014) describes the positive connotations associated with black as adding a sense of luxury and value and goes on to describe the colour as ‘timeless, classic’. This colour scheme compliments the branding and logo I have created and supports the style of website I aim to create.

Secondly, colour contrast and legibility are key points to consider when making colour choices. Peterson (2014, pp. 246–247) stated that the ‘color of the text on your website has a significant effect on its legibility’. Peterson goes on to states that, ‘people have difficulty reading text if there isn’t enough contrast between the background color and the foreground color’. Use of an online colour contrast checker before publishing a site, will ascertain whether the colour choices would cause users any difficulty in reading the websites text. I have run an online colour contrast check using the results of which can be seen below.

colour contrast checker.JPG

Given that in order to pass the AAA check, the ratio according to this site need only need be 7:1, the high contrast ratio of my colour choices should ensure that there are no readability issues.



Peterson, C. (2014) Learning responsive web design: A beginner’s guide. United States: O’Reilly Media.

Singh, S. (2006) ‘Impact of color on marketing’, Management Decision, 44(6), pp. 783–789. doi: 10.1108/00251740610673332.

Smith, J. (2014) ‘How to use the psychology of color to increase Website conversions’, Available at: (Accessed: 6 January 2017).



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