Theme Choice

With the company logo being very clean visually, streamlined and simple; it was important that the theme choice complimented the branding and image of the company to ensure cohesion. I considered the theme choices, ‘Activello’ and ‘Bazaar Lite’ as shown in the image below, before deciding on my preferred them choice ‘Vogue’


‘Activello’ and ‘Bazaar Lite’ both complimented my logo and the brand image I wished to portray with both themes being clean, visual and unfussy. However, the header bar on both theme sites were very narrow and were not compatible with the size of logo I wished to insert on website. The use of a CMS and the pre-formatting of the themes can cause difficulties in achieving the exact look required for the website.

‘Vogue’ was the theme I chose to use as this had a wide header which would accommodate my logo. In addition, the theme is very versatile with superb customisation options. ‘Vogue’ also offers a clean, streamlined look which compliments my company branding well. Through utilisation of this them, the cohesion I was aiming for has been achieved.










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